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MadMermaids is more than just a dive T-shirt brand - MadMermaids is about getting mad enough to stand up and have a say, mad enough to get active and to say stop polluting, stop killing whales, stop shark finning, stop global warming. MadMermaids is about getting environmental messages out there. MadMermaids is a state of mind and when you wear MadMermaids messages you spread awareness and show the world that you care. Madmermaids Scuba have produced a range of dive wear with messages that are worth wearing - bold designs that are fun to wear.
Dive Fiji - Scuba Dive Holiday Fiji with MadMermaids
Scuba dive Fiji with MadMermaids Scuba for your scuba dive vacation. Fiji diving from the outer island getaways at great resorts.
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MadMermaids Scuba dive wear are screen printed by award winning printers here in New Zealand on 100% guaranteed sweat shop free T-shirts. We do some really cool dive T-shirts using our MadMermaid logo and we have designed dive wear with messages worth wearing to protest against the things that make us Mad; Shark Finning, Killing Whales, Water Pollution and Global Warming. If this stuff makes you mad too then please get active, wear a MadMermaids Scuba dive T-shirt, whether you can dive or not it does not matter! We believe that our T-shirts are a great way of getting the messages out there, when people like you wear them you stand out from the crowd to show you care. We are not an Environmental Group but we encourage everybody to join at least one - we are just a few individuals, a small business doing our bit and having a say in the world.

MadMermaids Scuba Ltd was founded by John Setchell a PADI IDC Scuba Dive Instructor (he is the guy below in the red T-shirt demonstrating the STOP sign!). We offer dive group holidays, scuba dive training and we promote conservation where we can. Through our T-shirts, when we teach dive students, through pages on this web site. Use the "Sideshow Index" button below to access the sideshow index, there you can find pages such as; Stop Killing Whales, Shark Finning, Water Pollution Karma and Climate Change Truth.
Get Active and Stop Japan Killing Whales and Dolphins
Japan has not been successful in ending the 20 year long moratorium on Commercial Whaling this year at the IWC but Whales and Dolphins still need your help. Every year Japan slaughters 1000 whales for "research" Sushi and 1000s of Dolphins for Sushi. Every year Japan tries to end the moratorium at the IWC.
Please help stop Japan buying votes at the IWC.
Please sign the petition to stop Dolphin Slaughter.
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Both divers and non divers can enjoy the unique experience of snorkelling with Humpback Whales with a whale swim guide. MadMermaids Scuba offer whale swim adventure tours in Tonga. Divers can get some down time exploring pristine dive sites.
Don't just tell your friends about us - Tell everybody about us; if you use myspace or facebook post our anti whaling banner and post a link to www.madmermaids.com or to other pages on this site you want people to know about such as our shark finning page.
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